Friday, 10 July 2009

Maria Verchenova

Name: Maria Verchenova
Sport: Golf
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Date of birth: 27 March, 1986
Notes: Moscow-born Maria is the first Russian woman to play on the Ladies European Tour. She picked up golf at the age of 12 and was coached by her father. Making it into our gallery is (probably) her current career highlight.

Enjoy the pictures, golf-fans.

"I am looking at Maria [Sharapova], not because of the way she looks but because of the way she plays, (...) I think Russian women are strong mentally. They are trying really hard and they are achieving things."

“I always like to bring something extra special to the golf course, so if I’m wearing sexier, more stylish stuff like a shorter skirt or a nice tennis-style dress and people notice then great. ”

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